ON MY SOAPBOX…Eye of newt, wing of bat

Just in case you are lucky enough to have been in hibernation for the past week, Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren is very ANGRY.

I have not seen her this mad since that mosquito bit her and sucked away all her Native American DNA.

She is really upset.

Why, you may ask?

Someone leaked a draft opinion from Associate Justice Samuel Alito in the Supreme Court’s blockbuster abortion case. If this opinion were to become a real decision one day, it would overturn the Roe vs. Wade landmark decision of 1973.

Knowing this opinion has severely ruffled the feathers in Senator Pocahontas Warren’s headdress.

Why, you may ask?

Oh my Goodness, it will be horrible. It is the Apocalypse. Yes, locusts will come and eat your eyeballs.

Well, it is not exactly like that… the truth is even worse if you listen to the Power Crazed Democrats.

Senator Warren gathered her Democrat Coven of  Witches and Warlocks together so quickly after Politico was notified of the opinion, that Xi Jinping had to attend via a Zoom call.

The truth is:  If the leaked opinion is eventually approved through the SCOTUS, Americans can also voice their opinions on abortion. The SCOTUS will send the choice of abortion back to the states, where it belongs, instead of the federal government keeping their nose stuck in issues of the states.


If we do not continue murdering our babies….how can we have future space for all the Democrat Voting illegal immigrants crossing our border on a daily basis?

Watch the link below as Witch Warren has her little melt-down. We all know she is paving the way for her 2024 presidential bid.

The Democrats have not been this upset since the Republicans forced them to free their slaves!

A Fun Video

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See if your vehicles and tools will be harmed by Ethanol 15, don’t believe the government.




DeSantis is right on this, brains aren’t fully developed until about the 25th year.



Al is a race-baiter.


If it harms America the dems will approve.



Hispanics want the border closed.


The Democrats are going to drag RBG out of her grave and try her for being selfish.


Even RBG said the Roe decision was incorrect.


California, the land of opportunity.


The 2% provide food, rooms, etc., to the illegals along with the Veterans Administration employees to help them instead of helping veterans.


Cat news.


Abortions are a state matter, not the feds.


The almost final Vicky Diary.  It would make a good loser movie.


This was Vicky’s real mistake.


Today is Kentucky Derby Day, make your pick and have a few Mint Juleps.



Last year’s winner was disqualified after a failed dope test, and died a few months later.



I hope Joe retires tomorrow.  Like Putin.



What hours or days do you want to have your electricity turned off ?  Are the Chinese, and Indians turning off their power?



Use your Spanish.


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The Not Yet Editor:  What is WAIT about, LL ?

The Greyhound Cat:  Things that are goofy.  The airlines, despite billions in taxpayer money, are bankrupt, inoperable, and a pile of junk.  They will reschedule your flight if you don’t want to fly with a person who isn’t wearing a mask.


Just when we got the support-animals like ponies, peacocks, and pigs banned from planes the airlines run out of pilots.  It’s poor management, but you will not hear anyone say it.



Wait, Wait, Wait.  We already have a bus industry.  It’s older than the airlines.  Like they say ” take a bus, and leave the driving to us “.

Maybe Boeing can make buses.


Some history of a song.



Astronomy Picture of the Day

Firefall by Moonlight
Image Credit & Copyright: Tara Mostofi

Explanation: On certain dates in February, an elusive firefall can be spotted at sunset in Yosemite National Park, when water flows, the weather cooperates and the direction to the setting Sun is just right. Often photographed from vantage points below, at the right moment the park’s seasonal Horsetail Fall is isolated in the shadows of the steep walls of El Capitan. Then, still illuminated with rays of reddened sunlight the waterfall briefly takes on a dramatic, fiery appearance. But a Horsetail firefall can be photographed by moonlight too. Even more elusive by moonlight, the firefall effect can also be seen when a bright Moon sets at the right direction along the western horizon. And skies were clear enough for this well-planned imaging of an ephemeral Horsetail firefall, lit by a bright gibbous Moon setting in the early morning hours of April 15.

Tomorrow’s picture: the inner rings