Joe Biden is a POS

Should we…..?

Extremely Astonishing, Indeed!



The Oracle that The Sphinx relies on is not optimistic about America.  We have covered almost every decision that Joe and his group of losers have made.  A Depression is 3 months away.  Here are some signs.  A baby-formula shortage is a killer, especially when Homeland Security, on the Southern Frontier, has pallets full for illegals.  Mexico has plenty.

This is funny, we borrow money from China to protect Ukraine’s borders.

I think the current laws should be enforced, no new laws for judges are needed.  This is another reason America is in big trouble.  The Democrats want the Supremes to give the leaker amnesty, before they will approve more protection.

The Hillary Diary.  The MSM and Democrats continue to ignore an attempted overthrow of a President.

The Stock Market is crashing.

The BLM group are an honest bunch.  The IRS needs to take some Democratic Agents off of Trump’s investigation and put them on these grifters.  Patrisse is money Heaven sent ?

An honest IRS would call those mistakes embezzlement.



The long awaited and much anticipated, Hillary File.


Justice Clarence gives a retirement date.

Musk tells the truth about Joe.

Joe sends soldiers back to the Dark Continent. He needs somewhere to leave more equipment when he pulls out the troops.


If Republicans get a large majority, I hope they stop all taxpayer funds to National Public Radio ( NPR ), and decertify their license to broadcast.  They live and breathe hate speech.

This might interest some readers.  Ted shared many BLM and Antifa goals for society.

This shortage is on Joe’s broad shoulders.

Movie news.

These fighters for Black Justice should take over Senator Feinstein’s seat when she dies behind the last insider trading stock option, on her desk.


“2000 Mules” does well.

The 2% go to work with BLM/Antifa.


You get what you pay for.

The only normal kids in 2 years will be from states that are not sanctuary-radical-liberal-smelly-communist cesspools of depravity.  Where are the parents ?


The Super Hero Editor:  Who is this Super Hero, LL ?  Is he a member of the  Justice League or one of the Hero cults ?

The Mighty Mouse Cat:  No, he was once known as Superman.  He didn’t leave the League, they left him.  They hate White heterosexual men or women.  With no phone booths to morph in, Wonder Woman showed him her “spin”, and joined him in the fight for truth, justice, and the American way.

Now he is known as Ultra-Mega-Maga-Man.  The return of the King.


Voting news.  Wonder Woman and UMMM will correct the voter fraud.

Clint could be an advisor.

Will any of the new Marvel Super Heroes be Black ?

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