A few reasons why we may be feeling old….

The Beatles split 52 yrs ago..
The movie Wizard of Oz is 82 yrs old.
Elvis is dead 44 yrs. He’d be 86 today.
Michael Jackson’s Thriller video is 38 yrs old.

Mickey Mantle retired 53 yrs ago.
The movie Saturday Night Fever is 44 yrs old.
The Ed Sullivan show ended 49 yrs ago.
The Corvette turned 68 yrs old this year.
The Mustang is 57.

These are great photos.
The military uniforms make me especially proud.

Clint Eastwood looks like he just stepped off the set of American Graffiti and put on a suit and tie.
Jack Nicholson is Devilishly Handsome.
-Sheila Tolley-

Yul Brynner

Buddy Ebsen

Don Rickles


Mae West

Dolly Parton

Tom Hanks

Sean Connery

Dwight Eisenhower

Marlon Brando

WWII Lucy and Desi

Glenn Ford

Dan Blocker

Gene Hackman

Steve McQueen

Johnny Cash

Jack Benny

Leonard Nimoy

Clark Gable

Clint Eastwood

Frank Sinatra
Edward P
Ed McMahon

Lee Marvin

Paul Newman

Edward G Robinson WW I

Jack Nicholson

The luckiest generation in one photo…

Dogs Are Welcome….

So God Made A Dog

Hazardous Duty



I hope Karma visits Joe today.  Will he bring back Obama’s dog cages for the 7 year olds ?


This looks like an FBI investigation.


Live like a Tiger.


There is no surprise here.



This person wins two categories today, she is a POS and a skank.


Durham might capture Hillslimy. 


Putin probably hopes he dies, to get out of his earthly self-made problems.


For what it’s worth.


Georgia passes a law to prevent trans from competing against girls athletic teams, and cleans up some university dem scum.



This is a good place to be.


Nantucket goes topless, and a Pigleosi Democrat washes up on shore.




Facebook has no idea who uses their data.  It’s like America’s Southern Frontier.


A child is saved.  He is marked for puberty blockers by his teachers.




This is protection at sea.


Actual video of Musk rescuing The Bee and The Donald.




The Self Protection Editor:  What is going on in the protection business, LL ?

The Watch Out Cat:  Here is a repeat that explains how to protect yourself in Santa Rosa County, Florida.  Self protection is a basic right of survival.


If you are conceived and avoid  a Planned Parenthood abortion, a dope addict mother and a wife beating father, you have a chance of being born. If you survive your 19 or so vaccinations before six months, you are on the way to kindergarten.  Try to find out what is in the vaccines.


Biden left 7,000 million dollars worth of equipment in Afghanistan for the Taliban so they can protect themselves.


Kim Jung Un is protecting himself.  He bans dissent, censors everything, prints more lies than Jen Psaki and Joe combined, and a bunch of other stuff that shields him.  The only difference between Kim’s country and America is he has closed borders.


Joe protects his bribes.


The Defense Department doesn’t protect service members and their families.  They spend billions on illegals.


Man marries hologram wife, but the spark is gone.  Maybe a neon sign is next.


A few years ago these people would have had protection.


Astronomy Picture of the Day

A Martian Eclipse: Phobos Crosses the Sun
Video Credit: NASA, JPL-Caltech, ASU MSSS, SSI

Explanation: What’s that passing in front of the Sun? It looks like a moon, but it can’t be Earth’s Moon, because it isn’t round. It’s the Martian moon Phobos. The featured video was taken from the surface of Mars a month ago by the Perseverance rover. Phobos, at 11.5 kilometers across, is 150 times smaller than Luna (our moon) in diameter, but also 50 times closer to its parent planet. In fact, Phobos is so close to Mars that it is expected to break up and crash into Mars within the next 50 million years. In the near term, the low orbit of Phobos results in more rapid solar eclipses than seen from Earth. The featured video is shown in real time — the transit really took about 40 seconds,as shown. The videographer — the robotic rover Perseverance (Percy) — continues to explore Jezero Crater on Mars, searching not only for clues to the watery history of the now dry world, but evidence of ancient microbial life.

Tomorrow’s picture: giant space paw


1 Thessalonians 4:16 Inspirational Image