And The Officer Replied….

” Yes Sir, Mr. Pelosi…..I totally understand your depression. If I were married to Nancy Pelosi, I would get drunk and try to kill myself also…I am just pointing out that…..You are driving a new Porsche so you must hit something more solid than a Jeep.”

From The Pits Of Hell….


I am George Soros and I approve this message!


“Sorry….but the Illegal Immigrants took all the lifeboats!”
-Sheila Tolley-

Are you tired of aggravating calls? Change your message to this….

Animal Friendships…Part One


A Pelican Befriended A Stray Dog Who Was Often Spotted Hanging Out All Alone Along The Boat Docks.

Bubbles The African Elephant And Bella The Black Labrador.




Family Isn’t Always Blood


They should have taken this suggestion more seriously…

Beats Advertising….