The wife said,

“Here is $20….buy the dog a jacket…..if there is any left over, buy yourself a beer.”

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Guns are a lot like parachutes If you need one and don’t have one, you’ll probably never need one again.”




More mass killing brought to you by Joe, Nancy, and Schumer.


This is too good to wait.


Anyone who follows politics knows that Pigwoman, just like the Clintons, has no ethics, morals, scruples, or spiritual guidance.  She is a bully.


The entire Democratic Party is a real danger.


Any Senator who would approve a Supreme Court nominee who won’t define who a woman is, will vote for this skank.

Biden must be picking Putin’s Generals.

This is interesting.

Another victory for The Constitution.  Roberts must have gotten confused.

Keep voting Democratic.


The Pulitzer Dis-Honors.

People in sanctuary states deserve what they get.

For what it is worth.

You can’t beat a loyal, to the party, Democrat.

You moron, criminals don’t follow the law—PERIOD.


Trump and his supporters deserve a big thanks.


America’s government has sold us out.  We buy half of our goods from China.  The Pentagon buys their drone planes.  The only way to defeat China in the Pacific is a nuclear war.  D.C. and the West Coast wouldn’t be much of a loss.

This means very little.  India does have some nukes.


Deshaun wanted the $230 million-5 year contract.


Words like peacefully protest have meaning.


The Do It In The Streets Editor:  Who wanted what, LL ?

The Elected Officials Are Morally Degenerate Cat:  This is pretty much correct.  The basic outline is the politicians have sold out to people with little ethics, morality, or anything but LGBTQAI+ beliefs to guide them.  The ferret-like Pigleosi, Schiff, Kamala, Newsom, and Feinstein are destroyers of families and culture.  San Francisco has had internet maps of human feces on the streets for years.

Hopefully, Pigwoman will leave the HOR shortly and take her ” insider-trading-stock-options ” back to San Franstinko.

The other sanctuary states/cities are the same.  New York is as bad as the West Coast degenerate rat-holes.

Houston has the same gang/thug mentality.  This retard needs to try a more powerful pistol.

You never know.

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Just call a cab…..

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Astronomy Picture of the Day

Solar System Family Portrait
Image Credit & Copyright: Alexis Trigo

Explanation: Yes, but have you ever seen all of the planets at once? A rare roll-call of planets has been occurring in the morning sky for much of June. The featured fisheye all-sky image, taken a few mornings ago near the town of San Pedro de Atacama in Chile, caught not only the entire planet parade, but the Moon between Mars and Venus. In order, left to right along the ecliptic plane, members of this Solar System family portrait are Earth, Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, Mars, Uranus, Venus, Mercury, and Earth. To emphasize their locations, Neptune and Uranus have been artificially enhanced. The volcano just below Mercury is Licancabur. In July, Mercury will move into the Sun’s glare but reappear a few days later on the evening side. Then, in August, Saturn will drift past the direction opposite the Sun and so become visible at dusk instead of dawn. The next time that all eight planets will be simultaneously visible in a morning sky will be in 2122.

Tomorrow’s picture: open space