7-11…Thanks Joe, You America-Hating Jack-Ass



Kennedy grills The Fed Chairman.


What about this ?


Biden lies for months about a recession not coming, then his Press Secretary tries to sneak it in at a briefing.


Important news about bank policies.



I wish Conservatives would skip Disney Parks and movies.


This smells like Pigleosi’s HOR.


The Dems brought the threats on themselves, with 6 years of violence against everyone not a Dem.


Koozies are pulled from two store chains.



Deshaun has settled most of his civil lawsuits.


None of the services are ready.


Parents can support the trans agenda or their daughters.


You go Joe.


It’s a big bear.


Let them go bankrupt.


Dexter gets homesick.



MST’s stick-figure from Tolley’s Soap Box opinion helps prisoner escape.  Geraldo Rivera couldn’t have explained it better.





Joe has a plan.


You can’t keep this a secret in any high school.


Trump has a plan.




The Second Oldest Profession Editor:  What is going on with teachers in K-12, and Professors in Colleges and Universities, LL ?

The Teachers And Professors Cat:  I think the parents had better wake up or the teachers unions will shoot your children full of puberty blockers and maybe cut off their genitals in the school science labs.

Teachers quit teaching cursive, anal sex and puberty blockers take up too much time.  School systems got lazy.


Frogs have an ancient cemetery.


Personally, I have changed my opinion on teachers since they advocate making the school curriculum what they think it should be.  I have covered teachers hiding their teachings of LGBTQAI+ values, hiding CRT and 1619 lies, and even surgeries on children from their parents.


Since Pigwoman, I hope, will soon be in the peanut gallery, the most dangerous woman in America is Randi Weingarten


She is a Radical Left leader POS of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT).  Their goal is to brainwash children to the LGBTQAI+ sex culture.  Teachers don’t need guns, but damn sure need to be able to lock a door.

The individual states need to tell Weingarten and her members that they are employees, just like Biden and all politicians. 


All teachers are employees.  I assume that Randi speaks for her 1.5 million members when she says she wants to convert your child to another sex.  Maybe she should also be President of Disney.

This is a new acronym, or a jumble of words from the lefties.  This is their favorite hobby after burning court houses or Supreme Court Judges homes.


It’s the Mick not Mike.  That’s not satisfying.


This has been ranked as the # 1 Rock & Roll song.  It varies as time goes by.




ON MY SOAPBOX…The Pendulum Swings


Today, I shall give the Pendulum of Words a little push backwards. It seems to be stuck in a rut of woke dialect or tangled in a vine of Social Media acronyms and jargon.

Remember when a person would send you a memo or email asking your opinion/permission about a situation. For example: Let’s say a friend borrowed my double-boiler because she was making Hollandaise Sauce.  She may send me an email asking: “Will it be Okay if I return your boiler tomorrow instead of this afternoon?” I would reply, “Sure, that will be Okay.”

A few years passed and The Alphabet God decided there was an upcoming shortage of vowels on the horizon. We should no longer use the word Okay, it was forever replaced with OK. (OK, you got that, right?)

Then….the mighty cell phone was born. It changed our entire world and, once again, the Alphabet God became very nervous. He checked his Alphabet Garden and noticed the Vowels were once again in short supply. He immediately placed more restrictions on the use of vowels. The once friendly Okay, which had become OK, officially became K. (K, you got that right?)

I was just trying to kill some time while I finished my glass of Pinot Noir, so I decided to explain the demise of the word Okay.

Now lets  move on to my word that I wish to pull back from the past. I will push very hard against the Pendulum of Words, all the way back to the 16th century, until I find the word BUFFOON.

Oh, there it is….

“Buffoon” is not a term you would apply to someone you admire. The American Heritage Dictionary defines “buffoon” as  “A ludicrous or bumbling person; a fool.” In common usage today, the synonyms that “buffoon” calls to mind are “blowhard,” “pretentious fool” and “loud-mouthed idiot.” The modern connotations of “buffoon” are harshly contemptuous, and it’s very doubtful that even a professional circus clown would feel comfortable being labeled a “buffoon” these days.

I am not joking, grab your dictionary and look it up for yourself. It has Joe Biden’s picture as the illustration.

I’m sure you remember Biden calling, Fox News Reporter, Peter Doocy “A Stupid Son Of A  Bitch” while on a Hot Mic.  Biden started the name calling because Peter asked him about inflation rather than to query his favorite flavor of ice cream.

I would never leave you without an appropriate acronym for Old Joe, in this new WOKE world.

Very fitting, in my opinion, dedicated only to Joe Biden, a new and improved description for SOB…..


(K, you got that, right?)

Hot mic – Brambleman

The Debutante Ball

Image result for The Debutante Ball clip art

A US Navy cruiser anchored in Mississippi for a week’s shore leave.

The first evening, the ship’s Captain received the following note from the wife of a very wealthy and influential plantation owner:

“Dear Captain, Thursday will be my daughter’s Debutante Ball.

I would like you to send four well-mannered, handsome, unmarried officers in their formal dress uniforms to attend the dance.”

“They should arrive promptly at 8:00 PM prepared for an evening of polite Southern conversation.

They should be excellent dancers, as they will be the escorts of lovely refined young ladies.

One last point: “No Jews please.”

Sending a written message by his own yeoman, the captain replied:

“Madam, thank you for your invitation.

In order to present the widest possible knowledge base for polite conversation, I am sending four of my best and most prized officers.”

“One is a lieutenant commander, and a graduate of Annapolis with an additional Masters degree from MIT in fluid technologies and ship design.”

“The second is a Lieutenant, one of our helicopter pilots, and a graduate of Northwestern university in Chicago, with a BS in Aeronautical Engineering.
His Masters Degree and PhD in Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering are from Texas Tech University and he is also an astronaut candidate.”

“The third officer is also a lieutenant, with degrees in both computer systems and information technology from SMU and he is awaiting notification on his Doctoral Dissertation from Cal Tech.”

“Finally, the fourth officer, also a lieutenant commander, is our ship’s doctor, with an undergraduate degree from the University of
Georgia and his medical degree is from the University of North Carolina .

We are very proud of him, as he is also a senior fellow in Trauma Surgery at Bethesda .”

Upon receiving this letter, Melinda’s mother was quite excited and looked forward to Thursday with pleasure.

Her daughter would be escorted by four handsome naval officers without peer (and the other women in her social circle would be insanely jealous).

At precisely 8:00 PM on Thursday, Melinda’s mother heard a polite rap at the door which she opened to find, in full dress uniform, four very
handsome, smiling Black officers.

Her mouth fell open, but pulling herself together, she stammered, “There must be some mistake.”

“No, Madam,” said the first officer.

“Captain Goldberg never makes mistakes.”



Astronomy Picture of the Day

Filaprom on the Western Limb
Image Credit & Copyright: Martin Wise

Explanation: A solar filament is an enormous stream of incandescent plasma suspended above the active surface of the Sun by looping magnetic fields. Seen against the solar disk it looks dark only because it’s a little cooler, and so slightly dimmer, than the solar photosphere. Suspended above the solar limb the same structure looks bright when viewed against the blackness of space and is called a solar prominence. A filaprom would be both of course, a stream of magnetized plasma that crosses in front of the solar disk and extends beyond the Sun’s edge. In this hydrogen-alpha close-up of the Sun captured on June 22, active region AR3038 is near the center of the frame. Active region AR3032 is seen at the far right, close to the Sun’s western limb. As AR3032 is carried by rotation toward the Sun’s visible edge, what was once a giant filament above it is now partly seen as a prominence, How big is AR3032’s filaprom? For scale planet Earth is shown near the top right corner.

Tomorrow’s picture: light-weekend