Great Political Postcards



Federal approved abortions are over.  The states get their stolen power returned.




A more complete Uvalde report.  Why was the outside door unlocked ???????


It’s about time.  I wonder if the judge about to take office can define self-defense.

The only thing Toobin wants to do in public is masturbate.  He is a perfect fit on CNN.


This is scary.  It proves my three-people-law.  When three people/groups are involved in anything the odds of a SNAFU increase 10 times.  Swimmer-coach-lifeguards, it was fate.

Publix steps up.  Children don’t need more poison from drug companies.


The world governing body of Rugby bans transgender men on women’s teams.

Either one would be good.  DeSantis would get more independent and marginal dem votes.


Bill Cosby is found guilty in civil trial.

The Conservatives should convert these people, if the dems are successful.

Dirt bikes are forbidden on NYC streets.

See if you could work for Musk.

Is your router in the right place ?

Andy has been a busy little wasp.

A lot of athletes under 30 are dying from natural causes.

No satellites are dependable during a war, just as electronic voting is unreliable.


Janet is one of Joe and the Democrat’s prized appointees.


Get ready.


The Communication Editor:  Are signs just for communicating, LL ?

The Forgetful Cat:  They are, but danger, directions, instructions, and a bunch of other things involve signs.  The first link is making fun of old people, that must be OK.

If you have driven South from North Carolina, these signs seem to appear every mile-within 50 miles from the Georgia border.

This sign needs no words.  It answers an age old question, do bears pee in the woods ?×402.jpg?zoom=2

Some signs are ignored.

This missed a previous issue.  This is a sign that sex sells, even in skimpy uniforms.

This is a sign of putrid journalism.

These are signs of moisture.

Dog Days of Summer

Good Ones



“I can just hear Brit Hume saying  “Good Grief” in the second close-up view.”


Astronomy Picture of the Day

Planets of the Solar System
Image Credit & Copyright: Antonio Canaveras, Chiara Tronci, Giovanni Esposito, Giuseppe Conzo, Luciana Guariglia, (Gruppo Astrofili Palidoro)

Explanation: Simultaneous images from four cameras were combined to construct this atmospheric predawn skyscape. The cooperative astro-panorama captures all the planets of the Solar System, just before sunrise on June 24. That foggy morning found innermost planet Mercury close to the horizon but just visible against the twilight, below and left of brilliant Venus. Along with the waning crescent Moon, the other bright naked-eye planets, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn lie near the ecliptic, arcing up and to the right across the wide field of view. Binoculars would have been required to spot the much fainter planets Uranus and Neptune, though they also were along the ecliptic in the sky. In the foreground are excavations at an ancient Roman villa near Marina di San Nicola, Italy, planet Earth.

Tomorrow’s picture: echo monoceros