FRANKLY, Marcus Lemonis is an idiot….

I am ProudWhiteLady shown in the first comment below. Isn’t my little hat cute?

I could hardly believe this MEME when I saw it. I copied and pasted all the comments that were posted when I added mine.

The old cliche, “Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face” came to mind when I saw this MEME this morning. Then I asked myself, why would a successful CEO be so self-destructive? He is acting against his own best interest! How very strange. Is he really that shortsighted?

Then it hit me. His wife wants a divorce. Nothing else makes sense. He figures if she is going to get half of everything…Half of Zero is Zero, right?

If I am correct, I hope she wears a Red Trump Hat to divorce court.

-Sheila Tolley, Proud White Lady-

2 thoughts on “FRANKLY, Marcus Lemonis is an idiot….

  1. Back when I was camping and hauling a 34 foot trailer around I stopped at a Cramping Whore and decide that I did not need anything from them. I was not greeted by staff when I walked in even though they were standing just 2 feet inside the door. No one asked if they could help me or give me any assistance. The prices I saw on the merchandise and the big campers was outrageous. They had the same model of camper that I owned and were selling it for almost twice what I paid for it. So if they fall by the wayside and go out of business who cares? I sure don’t. By the way I was looking for a second AC unit since most of my travels would be in the deep South in the summer. I finally found one at about 1/3 the price installed, cheaper than what they wanted for just the unit.

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