ON MY SOAPBOX…Sour grapes? I think not



I am writing this edition of MY SOAPBOX to make all my female friends and readers feel better this morning. After all, our New Years’ Resolutions are at least six hours old and I know many of you have already broken them. That is fine, my friends. Don’t fret about it.

I am well acquainted with the Top 3 resolutions for women on New Years’ Eve.

1. Save Money.

2. Lose Weight.

3. Quit Drinking.

My conclusion: Nobody really likes a CHEAP, SKINNY, SOBER Bitch anyway!

Don’t you feel better already? Now…go on line and order yourself something expensive, while you eat a cheesecake, topped off by a full bottle of Pinot Noir.

Some may say my conclusion is an example of Sour Grapes. I think not, if that appears so, after you finish that first bottle of wine, drink another. They all cannot be made from sour grapes.

Above all, remember this…..You have heard slogans and quotes your entire life, this one is finally true today:


Hindsight is 2020.




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