I am sure the majority of Republicans agree with me that Joe Biden was not elected as our  president-elect. He was selected, not elected. We also know that the plan was master-minded years ago, not months ago.


The master plan was created long before the name Joe Biden was filled in the blank. Covid and Covid mandated shutdowns were part of their plan. That paved the way for mail-in ballots so that the nefarious voting machines could be prepared and put into place.


Joe Biden will never be POTUS to me. He will always be PINO (president in name only) and Jill Biden will never be FLOTUS, she will be FLINO.


Believe me, Senile Joe will absolutely never be my Commander-in-Chief. He will be a Commander-in-Thief.


I hope ALL Republicans will turn their televisions completely OFF on January 20th during the inauguration when:


President-Select, Joe Biden becomes America’s new PINO and Commander-in-Thief.


I want his ratings for that day to be lower than O.J. Simpson reruns.


New Harvard Study: Negative Reviews can Kill Your Company — Zuberance


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