ON MY SOAPBOX…Hi-yo, Silver, away



This picture of PINO Biden sitting in the oval office was published yesterday.

Every person who has ever read Tolley’s Topics knows that if I show a picture of this individual, nothing good will follow.

The oval office contains an area of approximately 816 square feet. This means that ‘His Liberal Herd’ of worshiping reporters could be standing in this office with PINO Biden and still be well over 6 feet away from him.

Yet, he wears a mask.

You would think that PINO Biden and Dr. Jill would have had their cleaning crew sanitize the oval office, wouldn’t you? They had plenty of time to have that done as Garth Brooks was twanging them out a few songs at his inauguration.

Yet, he wears a mask.

A can of Lysol costs $7.50….Hunter would have probably fronted the Big Guy enough for a case of Lysol until he got his first check.

Yet, he wears a mask.


The only logical conclusion is that PINO Biden thinks he is The Lone Ranger and V-PINO Harris is the politically-gender-correct version of Tonto.

Biden inauguration in pictures - BBC News

3 thoughts on “ON MY SOAPBOX…Hi-yo, Silver, away

  1. It pisses me off just to see that a…..hole sitting at the desk he stole. I wash somebody would put poison in his mask and it would be slow acting

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