The Letter

I was sent this at 5pm British time – And asked not to share for 1 hour.

This Trump letter was left on the President’s desk for Biden.

(This is FAKE of coarse, but it would have been a cool letter. Donald Trump’s signature is much more captivating than this one.)

-Sheila Tolley-

2 thoughts on “The Letter

  1. A short note that told the TRUTH. I though that Trump left The White House, Wash D.C. With his chin up and was very gracious, more so than I have ever seen him. I know he was trying to give those 80 million wonderful people that supported him some encouragement. And yet a photo shot of him walking to the helicopter on Wednesday was quoted that he looked like “a very little man” by some left wing Media dog crap.

    • Screw these left wing media Cry Baby minions who cannot stand on their own two feet. He held his chin high and was very gracious, just as you pointed out, Mary. Just think about what it took to steal the election from him. Hillary & Nancy’s Russia Collusion theory fell like old Nancy on her knees at Floyd’s celebration. BUT they could not pick it up like they did old Piglosi. Then the stupid fools tried impeachment. ANOTHER FAILURE! Meanwhile…with amazing timing an old woman in a West Coast Nursing Home died of the China Flu.This gave the thieving Trump & America Haters a reason to lock down the country and trigger their Golden Bullet (Mail In Voting) of coarse their enhancement of manipulative software in the voting machines, the owners of which disappeared, was cream on top of the BIGGEST THEFT OF AN AMERICAN ELECTION in history.

      I feel better after my small vent….I hate these people.

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