ON MY SOAPBOX….Wait, I changed my mind



Excuse me, but I am about as sick of this ‘Transgender, This Is How I want to Identify,’ BullShit as I can be.

PINO Biden stated that an eight to ten year old should be able to decide their gender.

Well, I think the Big Mouth of The House, Piglosi, is about a week late on “Jump-Starting” Ye Olde 25th Amendment Impeachment hearings on PINO Biden.  She should be over the IMPEACHMENT learning curve by now. She has practiced it enough.

Do these fools think that Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, and Queers are something new? NEWSFLASH…they are not.

Now, whatever the hell this Transgender/Identify thing is may be a horse of a different BOX OF CRAYOLA  colors.

It brings questions to my inquisitive mind.

So, I go and deliver a baby who is born with a penis. Instead of male, are they now required to check the TBD (to be determined) box? I see no other way around that answer. Who knows what he will choose to IDENTIFY AS when he reaches Second Grade.

If my Highly Intelligent Eight Year Old Son decides to become My Daughter, will the decision be final, per PINO Biden? Or, will there be a waiting period, before he/she can change his/her mind again?

Perhaps, they will incorporate the Bill Clinton Law of “Three Strikes, You’re Out.”

I truly believe PINO Biden always wanted to identify as a Bloodhound. There is no other reason he would sniff the hair of every female in America who was not bald.


I personally identify with Melania Trump.

I love stiletto heels.

And knowing, like The Terminator….


Body Language Expert On Trump-Melania Relationship: The Need To Have Her By  His Side Is Very Strong - The World News Daily


3 thoughts on “ON MY SOAPBOX….Wait, I changed my mind

  1. I don’t know at what age pino Biden realized that he had no BALLS be we all know now they are missing. Just gives him a reason to go to the ladies restroom to visit with piglosie 🐖

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