Our God Given Rights




I saw this little interview a few days back and it really stuck in my Craw. Katie Couric, another Elite, trying to walk on us, beat us down, and make us think less of our selves. It really stirred me up when she suggested that the last 4 years, in which I have been a part, is a Cult. “The Cult of Trump” she says. She then goes on to ask “How are we going to deprogram these people?” I wouldn’t be surprised if they already have a vaccine to deprogram us.

I belong to a Party, just as she does. For the moment, I support the Republican Party. When President Trump forms the new “Patriot Party,” I will become a member of his party. I believe in Republican values, that is to say what we stand for. I believe that we, The People of the Republican party, are largely Christians, with good Morals, Values, Honesty, and Integrity. On the other hand, when I look at the The Democrat Party,  I see a brood of Vipers, a party of Scheming, killing baby’s, Professional liars, Stealing Elections, over all, just evil people. One dares not turn their back or bend over in the presence Democrats. I cannot stand behind their actions and beliefs.

I feel that the past 4 years under President Trump have given America stability, a firmer foundation for our families, households, and businesses, to build on. We all got relief at the gas pump, with President Trump making us independent , it was a wonderful feeling not having to be dependent on the Middle East to purchase our oil. Gas for heating my house was lower, thanks to President Trump for opening Fracking for natural gas. Our taxes were lowered and he gave us more in our pockets, our retirement 401 Ks, went up, the stock market sky rocketed. Let’s not forget he created so many good paying jobs. Everyone got the benefits, not just one party. I felt good about our country and the progress we were making. Why would the Elitist little Winch, Couric, suggest that  Trump Supporters need ‘Deprogramming’? Why would that be, maybe so we can be Re- Programmed under the evil doers. No thank you.

President Trump said in his Farewell message that The Country was in good shape with a great future, because he had left a good foundation for Biden to continue to build upon. I am so sorry to say that I see a dim future under this Commander in Thief. He is already destroying that foundation and showing us that he has more concern about taking care of everyone but Americans. He is more concerned about the climate, than making sure crops and food supplies will be available for American tables.

You can view the short Video below of Katie Couric as she questions the deprogramming of Trump followers.

One thought on “Our God Given Rights

  1. Katie Couric can kiss my rosy red pooper hole. She dose not speak for the majority of the American people and she does not speak for me.

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