Bird’s Eye View-PINO Biden Is Clueless




10,000 good paying jobs lost from shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline.

100,000 oil field jobs lost in New Mexico because the government stopped drilling permits on federal lands. The schools are funded in NM by the money received from drilling, so I guess they need to close those schools for the next 4 years.

5,000 border construction jobs lost because he shut down construction on the wall. Meanwhile the illegal caravans are piling up on the border ready to charge across. Many have the virus so I assume PINO Biden will give them the vaccine before American citizens.

$15.00 minimum wage will cause up to 4 million jobs lost.

Pushing forward on raising corporate tax rate from 21% to 28% will force corporations to either cut expenses or raise prices, or both. Cutting expenses generally means more layoffs.

This is just in the first week of his administration. Just think about how many more taxes he can come up with in the next 47 months and 3 weeks.

“This guy is simply not presidential material.”
-The Wise-

He is out to lunch on virtually every issue, nobody told him the restaurants were closed because of his lock down orders.

YET…he supports a full blown impeachment trial for Trump. I hope the Republicans demand a long list of witnesses to support his defense and the trial drags out for a couple of months. By then the rank and file workers in this country will be demanding Xiden’s head on a pole.

You cannot make this stuff up……………….


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