Any Complaints About Where You Live?


“Actually, I do not have complaints about where I live. Evidently, these people do not have a problem with where they live either. Like the old Chicken/Egg question, I wonder which came first, the train or the people?

Don’t go and lose any sleep worrying about these people. You will notice they are Non-White and Not-American.

That makes them PINO Biden & The Gang’s Number One Priority.

obama will demand that PINO Biden fill that train with  pallets containing  MILLIONS of dollars.

Why not, it worked for obama in Iran.

You may even recognize some of these very people moving right next door to you. Remember, Government housing with ‘Of Color Distribution’ is also at the top of the obama/PINO Biden agenda.

Oh, you are not worried because you own your land?

You also own your GUNS, right?

Think About It.”

-Sheila Tolley-


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