It appears to me….

Some 200 hundred years ago, some of the white people (North and South) sat on their porches and watched the people of color do the work that needed to be done so the whites could live the life they wanted.

If the people of color didn’t produce enough to keep the whites happy, the whites complained about it.

It was called slavery.

Today, 200 years later,  many people of color (North, South, East, West & Central) sit on the Porch of their Section 8 Living Quarters as the White people work and pay the taxes necessary to support people of color to live the life they want.

If their monthly checks, free housing and obama phones are not enough to keep them happy, the people of color demonstrate & complain about it.

It appears to me that the only thing that has changed in the last 200 years is the color of the slaves.

2 thoughts on “It appears to me….

  1. I am surprised there aren’t any comments on this.. It is the truth and thanks to the dummyrats it is going to get worse. I recommend replacing the entire congress and drain the swamp dry..

    • Good evening, Fred….if this post leaned in favor of the democRATS, I would need to buy my own server to show all their asinine comments. They stick together like glue. Republicans stick together like oil and water. That is our problem.

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