ON MY SOAPBOX…May I introduce the ghost tarsier



The Ghost Tarsier…… is one of the most curious animals on Earth … and funny!

The ghost tarsiers are simply adorable. Who can not love those huge eyes and their expression of sudden amazement? They live in the forests of Indonesia, Borneo or the Philippines. They are very small little monkeys, although the size of their eyes is striking. They are elusive and live habitually inside the trees, where they seek protection and shelter, until the moment when it gets dark. The moment in which they leave to feed on small insects and plants.

(And Slow Democrats.)

They are so lonely and private that they are usually known as “Spirits of the Woods.”

Why do I bring this little animal to your attention, you may ask?

This is why. We are doing quite well at Tolley’s Topics. I am not speaking financially, of coarse. We do not care about money. We care about THE TRUTH.

We care about tracking down the satirical truth and bringing it to our Loyal Readers, Worldwide.

Cost is no concern, we will get the truth for you.

We asked Lois Lion (The Sphinx) to travel the world and find us ‘Five really good Spies.’ As usual, she brought us tremendous results.

She introduced us to: THE GHOST TARSIER.  Seven of them. We are currently conducting interviews with the potential future employees of Tolley’s Topics.

Stay tuned. Check back and we will soon let you know the results of our interviews.

Y’all come back now. Ya Hear?

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