ON MY SOAPBOX….Lower those flags



OH My God…Tiger Woods Had Another Wreck. Lower our flag to half-staff.

This post will be classified by many as insensitive or rude.

So be it, I could not care less.

As I have pointed out several times before, the only shows I watch on Fox are The Five and Tucker Carlson. I like both shows SIMPLY because they bash Democrats. The more they bash them, the better I like it. If Democrat Bashing were an Olympic Sport….I would have more Gold Medals than Cuomo has old dead corpses.

So….I tuned in on Tuesday evening to watch my Four at  The Five bash Juan Williams, the Democrat of the group.

OOPS! Juan was missing. Guess who was filling in for DemocRAT Juan.

Geraldo Rivera.  

Just shoot me 30 times with an illegal AR-15 from obama’s Fast & Furious mission and call it Justifiable Homicide.

Geraldo was doing nothing less than using Verbal Fellatio on Tiger Woods.

“Tiger took the game of golf from old white men and integrated it into a sport in which people of color and healthy people could participate.”

I must give Greg Gutfield so much credit. He stood against the entire group of Tiger Devotees on The Five. He let them know that TIGER was still alive, he was most likely driving too fast, luckily missed killing people coming from the opposite direction as he lost control of his free car and jumped the median.

I thank you Greg….call it like it is…Jack Nicklaus remains Number One and Tiger Woods caused another car wreck.

Geraldo needs to go on another Al Capone Secret Room chase and see if he can find another empty Coke bottle.

Cry me a river, Geraldo. Any way you look at it…after Tiger’s poor driving, he ended up in the Rough with a Bad Lie.

When you look back in that Puerto Rican rear view mirror…Old White Man, Jack Nicklaus, will still be number ONE, the  Big wheel will still be turnin’ and Proud Mary will still be burnin’.



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