ON MY SOAPBOX…Wake up, But don’t be woke



There was a time in my life when I would not have used the word Hate. Those days are long gone, my friend.  I tried to use, loathe, detest, abhor, and despise in this post. Really, I did!

But all those words are a touch too kind. They lack the OOMPH and ENERGY I need to make my point.

My point being…I HATE the companies and people who encourage Caucasians to Be Less White.

What in the Hell has gone wrong with America? Our morals, company policies, and codes of conduct have literally been flipped up-side-down. Yet, no one seems to care.

We have gone from “Don’t be a Racist” to “Be Less White.”


How can my government be fine with Coca-Cola having training classes telling their employees to be less white?

Shall we apply black face as they did in Vaudeville, on Broadway and in the minstrel shows?

I hope, since this idiotic decision, that NO WHITE PERSON buys COKE products.

Be More White….My Pale Pals!

Switch from Coke to Pepsi. Switch from Fanta to Crush.

Today we have Oreo Cookies  jumping on the Liberal Transgender Bandwagon.

They already have the Thin, Original,  Double-Stuf, Mega-Stuf and the Rainbow selection for Gay Pride. Evidently, they still aren’t sure of their Cookie-Gender.

HELLO! Coke is a soft-drink and Oreo is a cookie.

Can we keep life a little damn simpler, folks?

Everything has to be political or dangerous nowadays.

Before I would support Coke or Nabisco:

I would be a passenger with Tiger Woods driving the car,  or

Take Lady Gaga’s dogs for a walk.


“As Far as I am concerned…..BOTH COMPANIES BE DAMNED!”
-Sheila Tolley-



Oreo created limited edition rainbow cookies to celebrate LGBTQ+ History Month - CNN

7 thoughts on “ON MY SOAPBOX…Wake up, But don’t be woke

  1. You go girl I’ll try my best to NEVER drink another coke product and making all my friends aware that goes for all products that support all this liberal shit even advanced auto parts go to o reilly Auto so far they are not involved

    • Good job, Joe. One person can accomplish nothing….but ENOUGH people can accomplish ANYTHING. These big companies must be hit in their bank account….nothing else matters to them. I really wish Pepsi would sell out and Coke would be left on the shelves. I wish people would go to Mc Donald’s and ask, “Do you have Pepsi, when they say no…tell them to hold the drink…Water will be fine.”

    • When I go to McDonalds wait a minute I don’t eat McDonalds. That place sells crap and has always sold crap. I have stopped buying Cocaine Cola products as well as nabisco products.. I can not for the life of me buy any of the so called WOKE companies products. Let them all go to chinkland for all I care…

  2. Amen Noah would roll over in his grave and send a package of oreo to hell for the devil to choke, I haven’t ate a oreo in 40 ever still I found out the stuffing is crisco and sugar

  3. I am with you, I will not be purchasing from any of these companies, I will do with out first. They must be tough a lesson, and enough of us CAN DO IT.

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