ON MY SOAPBOX….Way too creepy



What in the world is happening to PINO Biden?

We knew when they stole the election for  Old Joe that he was merely an obama operative serving as a place-holder for VPINO Harris. But, Old Joe is getting more creepy, bordering on bizarre, with each passing day. He has stumbled into this phase of whispering that is WAY-PAST strange. You have seen him as he “leans in and crouches up”on the podium in his Pre-Whisper mode, right? He looks as though he is morphing into a Praying Mantis.

10 Wondrous Praying Mantis Facts

Joe aced the Senility Test long before they got the bow tied on the stolen election. Remember, he could not remember where he was, how he got there or which woman was his wife. Things have not improved. Now he cannot remember where he put his note cards from obama.

C’mon, fake Dr. Jill, be considerate….can’t you apply a little make-up on your husband? Not enough that he looks like The Joker…but enough  that he does not look like he crawled out of a grave on Michael Jackson’s Thriller video.

Meanwhile Joe…you keep whispering your way down that Yellow Brick Road. Your pal, Speaker Piglosi, will be gassing up the 25TH Amend-Mobile to pick you up in the very near future.


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