You Are Not Going Crazy…

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No, No….You are not going crazy! WordPress retired the theme I was using on Tolley’s Topics. I had to change to another.

They will probably insist that I remove the word “DAMN TRUTH” from my header next.

You will notice that the “Comment” tab is now at the top of the page under the title line.

I appreciate your patience during this transition.

-Sheila Tolley-

5 thoughts on “You Are Not Going Crazy…

  1. Sheila, Just gotta say the new format stinks out loud. Just like the stupid basta*ds to do something like this. I say let them try to remove the “Damn Truth” form the header just keep putting in every week.

    • I liked my original format better also, Fred….but there are not a lot of themes to pick from when I insist on keeping 2 columns and my Archives intact. I will simmer down and learn to live with it, of course. I do hope you will continue to read Tolley’s Topics.

    • I must admit I love my new lighthouse picture though…I had a very talented programmer create it for me.

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