Take a look at this map, then give a Salute to Global Warming. Can you just imagine how cold we would be without  Global Warming?
Blessed are Gassy Cows and Fossil Fuels, for they shall warm the Earth.
-Sheila Tolley-

2 thoughts on “Salute…..

  1. Florida should have issued their Iguana alert by now. The illegal ( not native ) lizards get half frozen and fall out of the trees. Frequently they fall on the heads of people.

    • Those illegal lizards need to hop a plane and move in with our illegal immigrants at the El Paso Airport. Biden will give them little American Red Cross Lizard blankets, an obama phone, & free meals and insurance. They will also be eligible to vote in the near future in our Lizard Elections. They can become famous. That is how the GEICO lizard started his career.

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