This is amazing….

He is on Foot-Bail….

If I had been one of the people who this guy ran past, I would have run with him. He is running like he knows an explosion is about to happen.
-Sheila Tolley-

My Collection of Favorites…

The Joys of Marriage… PART 2



Many American men want to go to Egypt to have sex.


It’s science. Newsom and the other creeps can’t explain it away.  Where was Trump ???


The I Don’t Know Editor:  What are some mysteries, LL ?

Go Figure Cat:  Here is a current one.

This is a long article, to get to the mystery.

Stonehenge is an ancient mystery.

The Pyramids of Egypt are one big mystery.

Daylight Saving Time is here again.  The easy thing to do is set your clocks FORWARD, FORWARD, FORWARD before going to bed Saturday night.  Set it anytime Saturday and you will be prepared and on time for many months.

Here is some history.

Don’t be stupid.


Follow the money.

New York City needs some stern law enforcement.  The politicians have taxpayer paid security.


This is more testimony hidden by the Democrats in Congress.  It resulted in many Americans and Afghans being needlessly killed.

Cori is a trip down a rabbit hole.


Californians love Newsom, Pigwoman’s nephew.  Our loyal California readers should take precautions with the weather.

DeSantis wins again.

Sometimes you can’t be nice, and other times rent the place.  Remember Joe Biden lives is Delaware.

The more I read about this incident, the more I think the kid is the victim.

Su gave 40 BILLION to the wrong people.  Prison should be her reward.

It’s a UFO.

A Chinese rocket crashes over Texas.

Bible Verse

Luke 2:14 Inspirational Image

Astronomy Picture of the Day

3D Bennu
Image Credit: NASA, GSFC, U. Arizona – Stereo Image Copyright: Patrick Vantuyne

Explanation: Put on your red/blue glasses and float next to asteroid 101955 Bennu. Shaped like a spinning toy top with boulders littering its rough surface, the tiny Solar System world is about one Empire State Building (less than 500 meters) across. Frames used to construct this 3D anaglyph were taken by PolyCam on the OSIRIS_REx spacecraft on December 3, 2018 from a distance of about 80 kilometers. With a sample from the asteroid’s rocky surface on board, OSIRIS_REx departed Bennu’s vicinity in May of 2021 and is now enroute to planet Earth. The robotic spacecraft is scheduled to return the sample to Earth this September.

Tomorrow’s picture: mysteries of the sponge moon