MUD MEMES…23-007

At Costco….

While shopping at Costco, this lady kept being stopped because so many people wanted to take a picture of her!!!!

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Be careful unless you only identify as a woman.  Call Judge Jackson if you aren’t sure 1-800-SUPREME.


The Aztecs had it going on.  Maybe America needs some real human sacrifices instead of the 107,000 that Joey, Pigwoman, and Schumer killed last year with drug overdoses.


The I Want Certification Editor:   What are you following up, LL ?

I Want Qualified Officials Cat:  I follow up on Democrat President and Retard Joe Robinette Biden’s nominee to run the Federal Aviation Agency.

Joey’s nominee can’t administer anything, just like Buttigieg can’t run the Department of Transportation, and Mayorkas can’t run the Department of Homeland Security ( Southern Border and now Canadian Border ).

The Honorable Hank Johnson a HOR member from one of the most mentally challenged districts of Georgia, would be better than most of Joey’s selections.

Sam Brinton was another of Joe’s stupid selections.  His job was related to nuclear fuel and waste disposal.  He was finally terminated after stealing women’s luggage at a couple of airports.

Here is one of Trump’s losers.

I first reported on the Millennium Tower about 5 years ago.  The foundation did not reach bedrock.  That was and is the problem.

The Harvard women’s hockey team has been naughty.

Vote Democrat and support your teachers.  Why aren’t these officials being sued/tried for abusing children ?


What skills or talents do any of the Biden family have to enable them to earn millions of dollars ?  None but influence peddling.

This is interesting about Joey–his birthday in 1942 is closer to the second inauguration of Abraham Lincoln ( March 3, 1865 ) than Biden’s age would be at a second inauguration.  Joey is truly a man for the ages.


The Murdaugh Diary returns.  The cheerleader looks like a family member.


She left her heart, money, and passport in San Fran Sicko.


This has been going on for many years.  Congress and the President should prohibit it for federal crimes.  States should prohibit it for local crimes.  The article is vague on origins of the practice.  I think it started as an attempt to punish drug dealers.

Dis-Honors for the week.

We hope Joe doesn’t walk into the helicopter rotor blades.

Musk says.

Union teachers and school boards need replacing.

Two years to alert citizens of toxic fumes is pretty speedy in New York.

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Jeremiah 29:11 Inspirational Image