MEME of the Day

MUD MEMES…23-012

Conservative Only MEMES



Victim 1.


DeSantis will have to come up with a major felony, maybe hijacking AF 2, or sending 4 million illegals home.


The Master Of Ceremonies Editor:  We can’t say master, so we will say The One In Charge.  What is your first link, LL ?

The MC Cat:  We are linking to the first Babylon Bee Awards Show.  It’s late because I work the same hours as Creepy Joe–9:A.M to 10:00 A.M.

Here is another project in the works.  The American People/Voters should be proud.

The ancient cultures can’t compare to Democrat Policies.

Now, on to lipstick.  Here are some milestones.

Lipstick has had ups and downs.  Early varieties were often dangerous or fatal ( like being friends with Putin or the Clintons ).

There are too many colors to list.

This was a tube from a Penthouse Sex Advisor from the 1970’s.

This is funny.  Curtis is shorter than Nippon woman.

Joey just called the Irish drunks, jailbirds, and brawlers.

Will there be a Chocolate Easter Bunny shortage ?


I have almost stopped writing about union teachers.  Home school your kids.


The Administration has no idea of how many children are lost, kidnapped, or who are sex slaves.

West Point is WOKE.

If sports teams want to push a political ideology, homosexual sex, they should have a night when just LGBTQ + fans can enter.  No straight people.

How old are the pregnant females ?

I’m going to miss Hillgal.  Where is Pigleosi ?

I hope it passes.

Bragg is a loyal DemocRAT.

Information on trans-people.