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Merrick Garland, Grilled On The Hill Today

Senator Josh Hawley (Missouri) is a great Grill-master.
-Sheila Tolley-

An Essay…And life goes on


With the 80th anniversary of my birth only a few weeks away the temporary nature of my being is never far from my consciousness. I am well beyond my expiration date and Mother Nature keeps reminding me that I’m no longer the young man I once was. I have lost many old friends, but when a relatively young member of the family dies unexpectedly it is quite a shock.

Last night I received a call from one of my adult granddaughters informing me of the passing of her Uncle Mark. He was the 61 year old “significant other” of one of my twin stepdaughters. He was not in good health, but no one thought he was anywhere near death’s door. 

He has been living with my stepdaughter since well before the birth of their 25 year old daughter, an only child who was recently married. (More on that later.)

He had suffered a major stroke more than six years ago that affected his ability to speak, as well as, other functions. Since then, he has experienced several seizures that modern medicine has been unable to explain or control. He had always been somewhat reclusive, but after the stroke he essentially became a hermit, and rarely left the house except for Dr. visits. Although he lived less than a mile from my home I rarely saw him, he didn’t participate in family gatherings, even those which took place at his residence.

Despite his isolation, I always thought he was a decent fellow until I attended his daughter’s wedding last fall. Mark did not attend. There was no explanation for his absence. The bride, my granddaughter, must have been terribly disappointed. She hid it well. She had been very close to her dad while growing up. My respect for him declined significantly that day. I still can’t understand how a man can fail to attend his only daughter’s wedding. And now he’s gone. 

What a sad situation. But our family will adapt to the new reality and continue our journey to the future. Enjoy the time you have here, because it may suddenly come to an end. Your happiness is only temporary at best.


How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (Classic Seuss): Dr. Seuss: 0784497381469: Books



by Laura Ainsworth

Every kid down in Kidville liked reading a LOT
But the Left, who controlled education, did NOT!
They wouldn’t say why, but we all know one reason:
To read the wrong book means you’re guilty of treason

They also just hated the folks on the Right
They said we’re oppressors –- at least, if we’re white
But I think that the most likely reason of all
May have been that their brains were two sizes too small

Whatever the reason, their brains or their hate
They cancelled the books that they deemed out of date
They stared at the kids from their i-vory tower
While focusing all of their brainwashing power

“We can’t let them read Dr. Seuss!” they’d exclaim
We have to get started erasing his name
We’ll target six books with some troublesome art
While keeping in mind that it’s only the start

“Kids LOVE Dr. Seuss!” said the folks on the Right
They knew they were facing a censorship fight
“He taught children how to be loving and kind
And how they could grow up to be ‘color-blind’”

“Color-blind??!” screamed the left, their eyes practically bleeding
We MUST find a way to keep children from reading!
To think, the un-wokeness their minds could retain
They’re reading the Bible! They’re reading Mark Twain!

“And old Dr. Seuss, he’s the worst of the lot
If kids want to read him, we’ll say they must NOT!
We’ll say he’s a bigot and lacks credibility
And give all the children that book WHITE FRAGILITY

“We’ll find all the books that aren’t focused on race
And gather them up, and we’ll hide them someplace
We’ll substitute books that reflect our obsession
With transgender studies and racial oppression

The kids down in Kidville would all cry boo-hoo
When they found out what leftists decided to do
The fun books were gone, and they felt really feel sad
The white kids were taught they deserve to feel bad

But parents arose, they had had quite enough
They fought for their kids, and it got pretty rough
They went to the School Board, and all had their say
And their courage and heart grew three sizes that day!

They brought back the books that the left had rejected
And made sure that freedom of speech was protected
The books were all safe and were put to good use
And we, ourselves, honor the ones…by…Dr. Seuss!




Conservative Only MEMES



The Sexual Other (SO) people hate her.

What a treat.


There you go.


The Weekly Reader Editor:  What is two weeks about, LL ?

The Fortnight Cat:  Everything in the Democratic Biden Media takes two weeks.  Here is a secret video.

Two weeks to get a photograph that was available after 2 hours.   Things lose impact over time.

All bad news is released by the Democrats on Friday night.  By the next work day it is 2 days old.  The Clinton’s did/do postpone, delay, and drag out allegations forever.  Finally they say it is old news.  Can you spot the old article?

Buttigieg waited almost 3 weeks to visit the toxic train wreck in East Palestine, Ohio.  The feds even took some water samples to give to Republicans to show it is safe to drink.

Joe waited over two years to visit a welcome station on the Southern border.

Kamala’s delay was about the same.

The NYT admits that they suck, it took 3 years.

Time slips by.

Be careful out there.


Joe and the Democrats rule your military, like they want to rule your children’s lives.  Maybe this is why the military isn’t reaching enlistment goals.


Soon Nancy will pass to another place, without her soul.  The Church has refused Communion for the creature, then America’s children will be better off.


Ship it to California or Chicago.  Buttigieg and the feds have pronounced it safe.


Good for Tennessee.

Boycott Disney parks and products.  They support child sexual surgeries.

New-old drug guidelines.

Keep your work place off of Twitter.  Nobody cares about your life except you.

What does it take for Yorkers to realize that their governments don’t care ????  Vote the same ones back in.

Bible Verse

1 Peter 3:13

Astronomy Picture of the Day

The Flaming Star Nebula
Image Credit & Copyright: Thomas Röell

Explanation: Is star AE Aurigae on fire? No. Even though AE Aurigae is named the Flaming Star and the surrounding nebula IC 405 is named the Flaming Star Nebula, and even though the nebula appears to some like a swirling flame, there is no fire. Fire, typically defined as the rapid molecular acquisition of oxygen, happens only when sufficient oxygen is present and is not important in such high-energy, low-oxygen environments such as stars. The bright star AE Aurigae occurs near the center of the Flaming Star Nebula and is so hot it glows blue, emitting light so energetic it knocks electrons away from surrounding gas. When a proton recaptures an electron, light is emitted, as seen in the surrounding emission nebula. Captured here three weeks ago, the Flaming Star Nebula is visible near the composite image’s center, between the red Tadpole Nebula on the left and blue-tailed Comet ZTF on the right. The Flaming Star Nebula lies about 1,500 light years distant, spans about 5 light years, and is visible with a small telescope toward the constellation of the Charioteer (Auriga).

Tomorrow’s picture: disturbing galaxies