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I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve urged others to spread the word by forwarding an email.

This speech, given by Marco Rubio on the floor of the Senate, is one of them. It’s not political but it is powerful. And timely.

It deserves to be heard by as many people as possible. I trust you will agree and hope you will forward it.




Fauci’s NIAID funded $3.7 million dollars to the Wuhan, China laboratory.


The Editor:  Is this about Humpty Dumpty, LL ?

Fake  Cat:  The truth will never be known about the Wuhan Virus.  Anyone who dies with other health complications is listed as a Wuhan death.  Anyone who dies at home is listed as a Wuhan death.  Here are some interesting articles.  Without a positive test it is as make believe as Humpty Dumpty.

TE:  Did you hear about Land O’ Lakes changing their Princess logo, FC ?

Native American Cat:  I sure did.  They changed the pretty Princess a while back to look like Hillary wearing a head band that she stole from Elizabeth Warren.  Now they are ditching Hill-princess for some cows-which is an improvement.

Here is another classic, the college photo of the great American Governor of Virginia.  He is dressed in blackface and wearing a Kappa-Kappa-Kappa hat and sheet.  Vote Democratic

It’s time to start America up.  It will take a lot of energy.

Colfax Covered Bridge

47-38-01 – Colfax or Road boxed truss bridge – Washington- Built in 1922 Spanning Palouse R. on a private road in Whitman Co. 163 ft. long Howe Trusses

Private. No roof. It was built according to a general plan (Great Northern Railway Plan No. 115-1562). The Great Northern built the bridge in order to upgrade the interurban electric line to steam use and this required a heavy-timbered structure. The railroad abandoned the bridge in 1967. The HAER data sheet says the bridge was constructed by the S&IE RR in 1918, but the 1922 date might have been the upgrade date.