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Citizens of Pike County,

I am Rebekah Hanson and I am asking for your vote for Clerk of Superior Court.

My candidacy qualifications include a Degree in Criminal Justice/Court Administration and Georgia Real Estate Commission Licensed Realtor. My educational background and professional training provides the foundation and knowledge to serve as Clerk of Superior Court. I will be committed to a sound conservative fiscal policy and manage the Clerk of Superior Court office in a responsible manner for the citizens of Pike County.

As a proven leader in the Pike County community, I have the dedication, energy, and organizational skills necessary to operate an effective and efficient clerk’s office with customer service as a priority. I will utility my extensive management experience to ensure proper court scheduling and document preparation. As a licensed real estate agent, I understand the value of proficiency and ease of use with regard to document review and permanent recording for the public and professionals that access Clerk of Superior Court records. I will be committed to excellence for the citizens of Pike County.

I am a proud citizen of Pike County. I have dedicated my life to my faith in Jesus Christ, my family, and my community. I am member of Harvest Time Revival Church, married to John Hanson, Daughters Elizabeth, Georgia, and Audrey Hanson. I currently serve as a Pike County Arts Council Board member, Founder/Director of Pike Junior Players, and a Pike County 4-H volunteer. I will rely on the work ethic that I have displayed throughout my life and I will commit to use my strengths to diligently serve the citizens of Pike County.

As your Clerk of Superior Court, I will focus on Leadership, Customer Service, and Progress to move Pike County forward.

Leadership: As your Pike County Clerk of Superior Court, I will rely on the same leadership skills and dedication that I have displayed for many years here in Pike County. I will be hands-on and available to conduct business on behalf of the citizens of Pike County.

Customer Service: As your Clerk of Superior Court, excellent customer service will be a priority. I will work to ensure the Clerk’s office is welcoming to the citizens and professionals that access the services provided on a daily basis. My goal is to provide quality service that is a positive experience that exceeds your expectations.

Progress: Our County is growing and as the need for additional services expands, I will work to utilize technology and common sense principles to meet the challenges of the future.

My plan of focus as Clerk of Superior Court will provide improved services while maintaining a conservative budget.

Please Vote on June 9th to Elect Rebekah Hanson Clerk of Superior Court.




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