Archive | April 26, 2020



This isn’t good news for Joe.


The Editor:  Is this just about the Democrats, LL ?

FDR Cat:  Pretty much.  My favorite subject is Stacy Abrams for Vice President.  Remember, if Joe is elected he won’t complete his term.  Stacy is a perfect choice.

This is a new face.

Here is President Trump, at his six o’clock rally, fighting the Democratic Fake News creeps.

Osama bin Laden ( the terrorist- for our new readers ) wanted Joe to be President.

I hope McConnell sticks by his decision.

Let the poorly run sanctuary-states go bankrupt.  Maybe if their employees lose their pensions they will vote Republican.

Here is Pigloesi looking for another bill to present to the HOR for approval.  Please be careful when ” dumpster diving “.

TE:  Aren’t you being a little harsh and cruel to the dems, FDRC ?

EAP Cat: No.