Archive | April 17, 2020




The Editor:  What did you uncover for today’s article, LL ?

Mystery Cat:  The first link will answer a lot of baffling questions.  Since 2016 this subject has spawned articles, books, and every imaginable attempt to destroy our President.  Remember where you heard it first.  I can’t figure out why they recovered it.

TE:  What is it, I’m on the edge of my bar stool ?

Total Loss Cat:  Here it is—-Hillary’s Lost 2016 campaign

TE:  The recovery tape is 38 minutes long, if Hill-gal had spent that much time in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania she would have won.

This is a repeat of an old story.  It is to remind our loyal readers that highway signs are to warn us of danger.  This is Pigleosi, Schiff, and Schumer delivering Trump’s impeachment.

When things completely collapse go to these locations, the rich will be found there.

Will these rich people get a refund from the developer ?

Many people are speeding, now that traffic is light.  Don’t be like Hill-gal’s Boss Mustang Campaign.