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The Editor:  I thought you were finished with China, LL ?

Almost Finished Cat:  I have this article and one more before the election.  Our government has sold us out to the Chinese.  The major MSM all support China because they can make a bunch of money there.  They hate anybody who supports America.

Our media supports China in the virus scam.  They also support North Korea, Iran, and terrorist over American citizens.

Cruz is doing his best, and the dems sux.

America is a Corporatocracy,  run by large corporations.  This is why Trump can’t drain the swamp.  Check out their divisions and areas of influence.  This is just one ( 1 ) company that Congress keeps letting buy other companies (monopoly).

These jokers give so much money to China that it appears to be falling from the sky.

Comcast is just as controlling, they own NBC and MSNBC among other communication & information companies.

Disney officers aren’t under house-arrest making masks.

This will be a luxury job under the dems.

The world is getting smaller.