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A Conundrum….

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There are other names which could have been added, but these are probably  the biggest screamers:

Hi everybody:  A friend sent me this information – think you will enjoy! So, let’s see if we have this correct?  These politicians have been in office – how many years?  See below:

Biden  –  44 years

Schumer – 38 years

Pelosi   –  32 years

Waters –  28 years

Nadler  –  27 years

Schiff  –  20 years


So, please tell us ALL again – why is everything Trump’s fault? 

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Nancy and Chuck are skanks.


The Editor:  What is your title about, LL ?

Run To A Safe Place Cat:  That is what all governments say when you have enough radiation, poison, illegals, and Democrats to kill half of America.  These would be places to go.

A few missing mail-in ballots won’t hurt your candidate.

Conforming to a little Chinese censorship is OK.

The pelican article is strange.  Maybe the Chinese like pelicans.

A little frozen potato shortage is fine.  Make your own fries.

A little bit of ice won’t hurt you.

The drone beach patrol takes the sex out of patrolling,