Archive | April 19, 2020


We have obtained a leak of the exact dialogue between Big Dog and Nanzi referring to the defunding of Xi’s useful idiot – the WHO.


“Trump …I’m going to block funds to WHO.
Pelosi ..To Who ?
Trump: Yes, to WHO.
Pelosi: That’s what I’m asking you.
Trump: I told you who.
Pelosi: No you didn’t.
Trump: Of course I did, I told you I’m blocking funds to WHO
Pelosi: That’s what I’m asking — who you’re blocking funds to.
Trump: That’s right.
Pelosi: What do you mean that’s right.
Trump: W-H-O is who it is.
Pelosi: You don’t have to spell it, I know the word. Listen, you’re going to quit giving money to somebody right ? Who ?”

“Trump: Correct!”


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The Editor:  What can we look forward to, LL ?

Entertainment Cat:  The census will turn into a CATastrophe.

Apartment owners think they are ex Vice Presidents, Senators, HOR members, or judges.

The Tar Heel state has too many voters.

Vote Democratic.

Is this a mystery ?  He is probably at CNN drawing up their next week’s editorials.

TE:  What about Victoria ?

She has been identified as the anonymous Democratic spy in the White House.  Trump has transferred her to Saudi Arabia.

She can do some sight seeing.  This is one of the great films.