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What could possibly be worse than the Chinese Corona-Virus?

THIS as your president when Joe Biden kicks the proverbial bucket!

In an interview with Elle Magazine, former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams characterized herself as an “excellent VP candidate:”

“I would be an excellent running mate. I have the capacity to attract voters by motivating typically ignored communities.”


ON MY SOAPBOX…Me and engineer jim



I can only wonder if the corona virus has slowed the visits of Jehovah Witnesses. Mine quit visiting long before the Chinese virus landed. I actually think visiting with me confused them to the point that it became entertaining to both of us for a while. Evidently, they are accustomed to being ignored when they knock on doors. Not at my house, I open the door before they can get the second knock planted.

I invite them in. My house is decorated with Uncle Sam, American flags and Red, White & Blue in every room. Jehovah Witnesses are conscientious objectors to military service and refuse to salute or show respect for symbols like our Flag and our National Anthem.

My first JW was named Crystal. Bless her heart. She was determined to win me over to Jehovah and I was too satisfied with my God to join her Jehovah Traveling Band. Crystal always came to my door alone, although there was a back-up witness in the car. I always insisted that she invite the back-up in with her. In fact, I considered it quite rude of Crystal to leave her friend in the car. So eventually, both would come to my door. I did encourage them to leave their copies of The Watchtower and Awake in their car because someone else further down the road may actually read them.

After a couple months visitations, Crystal knocked on my door with a gentleman by her side. She introduced him as Jim. We shook hands, I introduced myself and I welcomed them in. I noticed there was a third person in the car. I asked Jim to invite the third person in. He said, “That is my wife and she is allergic to cats.” He had never been to my house but knew I owned a cat.

Jim immediately started his speech. Our conversation went like this:

Jim: Sheila what do you call God.

Me: Well Jim, God has always worked for me.

Jim: In the Bible, his name is Jehovah.

Me: God has answered thousands of prayers in my life, so evidently, he hears me when I address him as God.

Jim: Let me put it this way. I am an engineer by trade. When I enter a room, people do not say, “Here comes the engineer, they say here comes Jim.”

Me: If you were the only engineer in the world they would address you as Engineer with a capital letter, like I do my God.”

Jim: Crystal asked me to come and witness to you and I can see why she thought she needed the help. We will leave now and if you ever have a need to speak to me, my number is written here. (At this point, JW Jim tried to hand me a copy of The Watchtower.)

Me: Well Engineer Jim…it appears that Crystal forgot to tell you that I do not allow copies of The Watchtower and Awake in my house, but she did remember to tell you that I own a cat.

Jim: I will remember you in my prayers, Sheila.

Me: We can do better than that Engineer Jim. You come by again after you join the Army….AND We Will Have Lunch.


ON MY QUOTEBOX…..The biggest loser


“Yesterday, former LOSER Georgia gubernatorial candidate, Stacey Abrams, characterized herself as an excellent VP candidate. Sleepy Joe really wants Georgia to support his candidacy. He may be forced to settle for Racey Stacey. Evidently, our other Georgia prizes, Honey Boo Boo and Mama June rejected his offer.”
-Sheila Tolley-


From: Hank Ashmore
The Deplorable Infidel




Karen Whitsett is a State Representative in Michigan. On March 31 she tested positive for corona virus. When Whitsett did make it to the hospital, she found out about a state order prohibiting the use of hydroxychloroquine. The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, under Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who despises President Trump, had issued the order. President Trump had publicized the anti-malarial drug in his corona virus briefings. Therefore, there was no way Whitmer was going to approve the drug for use in her state. Whitmer had to retract the order due to the President pushing the drug through the Food and Drug Administration’s approval process for off-label use and touting it repeatedly during his daily press briefings. Rep. Whitsett then received the drug and now gives credit to President for saving her life. On the other hand, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, a Republican I might add, has announced plans to launch a statewide trial to formally test the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine against the novel corona virus.

President Trump put the travel ban to China in place on January 31st. He was called a racist for doing so by the far left and the MSM. Joe Biden called the ban “hysterical xenophobia.” Because of this ban, numerous people were spared from this terrible virus. Despite the dire warning from the federal officials, New York City politicians urged residents not to overreact to the threat. City Health Commissioner Oxris Barbot on February 6 acknowledged that the virus could be spread from person to person, but attempted to reassure residents that that type of transmission would be rare outside of households. “The important thing for New Yorkers to know is that in the city currently, their risk is low and our city preparedness is high.” We now know that neither were true. Also, in San Francisco, instructions to its’ citizens were to ignore any shelter-in-place and go to the parade in Chinatown. If you did not go, it would be racist. No shelter-in-place because it’s one of President Trump’s recommendations from his Conoravirus Task Force.

President Trump has suspended funding to the World Health Organization (WHO) saying it had put political correctness over lifesaving measures and had caused so much death by severely mismanaging and covering up the corona virus spread. Taiwan released the contents of a December email inquiring about the person to person spread of COVID19, saying it was ignored by WHO and denied adequate information to fight the virus. Predictably, the President’s decision to suspend the funding amid the corona virus crisis touched off an international war of words as Democratic lawmakers in Washington as well as international bodies like the European Union condemned the move. All of who despise  President Trump. Following the announcement, House Oversight Committee Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney, D=NY, and House Subcommittee on National Security Chairman Steven Lynch, D=Mass, penned a letter to the president slamming his decision to withhold funding to the organization amid the global pandemic. Anybody with a lick of sense knows suspending the funding was the right thing to do. The leadership of the organization is very corrupt and the United States does not need to be spending taxpayer money to fund it until changes have been made to correct the situation.

Mayor William Kirby of Auburn, California said this week that he’ll step down after posting social media messages comparing supporters of President Trump to members of the Klu Klux Klan. In one of the posts, the mayor – who is also a physician – shared a photo of a KKK hood, with the caption, “Good news for Trump supporters is that most of them already have masks.” Kirby blamed President Trump for his frustration, explaining that as a doctor he now puts his life on the line because of a lack of proper gear and testing capabilities. Where is the good doctor’s frustration at the governor of California, Gavin Newsom. It is the states responsibility to furnish this equipment, not the federal government. It should be stockpiled, whether it is used or not, for emergencies like we are in now. There have been warnings in the past that a pandemic such as COVID19 could happen, therefore the states should have been prepared. Politicians do not want to spend money unless it benefits his or her reelection. Buying respirators do not get you votes.

President Trump is receiving high marks, even from some Democratic Governors, for the job he is doing fighting the virus. Would it not be great for the country if everyone came together and worked to get us through this crisis. However, this will never happen because of the far left’s hatred for President Trump.

The Deplorable Infidel



“If our country is to survive and prosper, we must summon the courage to condemn and reject the liberal agenda, and we had better do it soon.”
-Walter Williams-



The moron American hating democrats are using the corona virus contagion to push through their political wish list. In a recent statement, Uncle Joe Biden said that he would use the economic shutdown to push through “green” legislation and initiatives. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s continued public criticism of President Trump while she simultaneously announces that Congress will be out of session until May 4, are examples of how Democrats routinely use a crisis to bolster their political goals. These people do not give a damn about what’s happening to the American people, but only for their progressive agenda.



The true Wicked Witch of the West is Nancy Pelosi.




The Editor:  Is this about Bugs Bunny, LL ?

Looney Tunes Cat:  No, it’s about the demodungbeetles, and their Presidential candidate.  There are a lot of articles in the MSM about other people who they say would be preferred over Joe.  We know Joe is smart.  They sent him to the Ukraine for this-for-that.

TE:  What do they say, LTC ?

Swami Cat:  They keep sending up trial balloons of almost everyone who  shook O’s or Hill-gal’s hand ( that was before Fauci had that custom banned ).

Hill-gal falls down too much.  Once the Clinton Foundation is closed under the RICO act her only income will be making TV ads for Medical Alert.

Mark Cuban the billionaire who owns the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks is not much better mentally than Joe.  The Republicans would be yelling shut up and shoot the ball.

Oprah can’t leave her pulpit for the White House.

Andrew Cuomo, the New York Governor, isn’t enough of a fascist to appeal to the Progressive Group of Four Jew hating Muslims ( Omar and her group ).

Cuomo and Joe would make a good campaign slogan.

MS O can’t run because President Taft’s extra large bathtub can’t be located.

We can only suggest Mitt Romney.  Until then, the Democratic Party will continue to try and wash Joe out of their hair.