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You can’t say where these Southeastern Asian Hornets came from.    

Southeast Asia or Southeastern Asia is a subregion of Asia, consisting of the regions that are geographically south of China, east of the Indian subcontinent and north-west of Australia.


The Editor:  Can you explain the difference between epidemic/pandemic, LL ?

Virologist Cat:  I sure can, here is Webster’s definition.

For our loyal readers who have been cooped up like chickens for weeks here is a simple analogy.  Democrats in the HOR are an epidemic, when they have a majority they are a pandemic.

TE:  Isn’t the seasonal flu, which occurs every year worldwide, a pandemic ?  Here is an article from September, 2018.

Hydroxychloroquine Cat:  It sure is and will be, the difference is Trump is President.  This was the next MSM driven event to try and get rid of Trump.

TE:  Is there anything good to come from this ill wind, HC ?

I hope we learned some lessons.

The terrorist have a new tool.

We need our industries back in America.  We need to control our food, medicine, communications, electronics, and other industry related to national security.

The borders need to be very tightly controlled.  As we have been told over and over one ( 1 ) person started this.

The states need to get their residents to start a healthy life style or expect an early death.  Most deaths are from older, and people with other health problems.  The states can also restock the medical supplies that their residents will require.

The open-border, world citizen idea is a killer.  When this is over we will find it was a media/CDC driven event based on faulty computer models.  THE DRIVING FORCE WAS/IS THE MSM.  CAN YOU IMAGINE THE NEWS IF TRUMP HADN’T CLOSED AMERICA?