Our God Given Rights

Constitution and God-given Rights


The Government is making all decisions for you. While reading the latest news on-line, I came across a news clip in large bold letters. “Hillary Clinton puts Donald Trump on notice over his Coronavirus Drug Advice.” She is making her opinion clear on what she thinks of the Presidents’ hyping of the unproven treatments for the Coronavirus. For weeks now our President has promoted the anti-malarial drug Hydroxychloroquin as a potential treatment for the Virus. Because of this, the FDA and other Government Agencies have warned against its use. Clinton called Trump out on Friday with this TWEET: “The President needs to stop playing a doctor on TV.” I am sure after he reads what she wrote, that he will be sure to shape up, Ha!!. Hillary Clinton also shared a report from the Washington Post in which a news analysis discusses the drug being linked to an increased risk of death in Coronavirus patients.

Personally speaking,  I am a senior citizen in my late 60’s, I happen to have a prescription from my Rheumatologist in Atlanta for Hydroxychyloroquin. I have been on this drug for nearly one year. Guess what, I am not dead yet. I am still alive, maybe that is because this drug is approved for autoimmune diseases. Ok! That is good to know, then I won’t die. Now, suppose I should get the Virus while taking this drug that is not approved for the Virus. I suppose I should be afraid that I might die because it is not approved for the virus. Hillary is telling me that many people are dying from taking it because it is not approved, and because the President has promoted it. By the way the President is taking it himself, but I might die if I am taking it., Oh, my brain hurts, “too much stupidity.”

What shall I do, and who shall I believe? Does this make any sense? No it does not, but that is how these politician’s think. They want to twist our brain and feed us with their bull crap. They are hoping that fear and doubt will make us start listening to them. That is called “Brain Washing.” We see a lot of that from the Left, be careful of that trick, it is getting old.

During this political year we are seeing a lot of this Bull Crap flying from Washington DC, down to our little county politics. Just be wise and don’t fall for the foolish nonsense. Hillary’s Tweets went on to say “Americans deserve a President who will listen to SCIENCE, and act decisively to mitigate the Pandemic without wasting time and peddling fake cures.”

As I pointed out in my first Our God Given Rights letter, this Vaccine is only being created to make those few already rich people even richer.  They continue to scream and cry for a vaccine, as if it is the savior to this problem. 

I ask you, what is wrong with a cure? It could be a little inexpensive white pill that has been around for some 60 years, rather than a vaccine. As I previously pointed out, they are in a furious race for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to create the Vaccine. They are good friends with George Soros, Hillary, and Dr. Fauci. These people are “SCIENCE”. Birds of a feather flock together.

“Read the tea leaves People, don’t become Sheeple.”

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