ON MY SOAPBOX….Remember the Beverly Hillbillies theme song



Come and listen to a story about a man named Joe
A crooked politician, always raking in the dough
Then one day when no one else was left
He got a chance at Prez as the left ignored his theft.

Millions that is, China….Russia

Well, the first thing you know, Joe went underground
They keep him in his basement, so he makes no public sound
They lock him in early ’cause he has to stay up late
He is Hooked on Phonics, as he studies for debate.

C’mon man….Corn Pop

Pelosi says no, there should be no stage for Joe
They’re already make jokes that his running mate’s a Ho
Trump will so easily send Joe’s mind a flutter
So many  Joe gaffs will be followed by his stutter.

No more fricking, I meant fr-fr-fracking

Well, its time to say good bye to Joe and all his kin
Hunter is still skating, but his ice is wearing thin
Be sure to tune in Tuesday for the first debate
You won’t miss a gaff…if you’re tuning in by eight.

Lying Dog Faced….Pony Soldier

Y’all come back now, ya’ hear?
Set a spell, Take your shoes off.



Get em’ checked, ladies