Protester Rule Number One: Don’t Punch The Wrong Guy


Thats the guy….

Image may contain: one or more people, meme and outdoor, text that says 'THATS HIM, THATS THE GUY WHO SAID MY MOM WAS A POODLE നാരയ'

The Lonely Boat


A Little Hero

Image may contain: one or more people and people standing, text that says 'NOT ALL HEROES WEAR CAPES BID FOR 202 PRESID'

ON MY QUOTEBOX….Well, Lawdy, Lawdy

“Since we have confirmation that Kamala Harris’ father was the proud owner of MANY slaves….Are BLM & THE DEMOCRATIC GANG going to put all those statues back up?”
-Sheila Tolley-






It looks like the mayor of Portland is getting his notification of coming attractions, as the Insurrection Act requires.


The only secrets the dems in Congress have kept are their sexual depravities,  and the whistle blower’s name.


Another Kim pops up—Kim Jong Chul.  They keep popping up, much like Biden’s grandchildren.


The Space Editor:  Is this about the Air and Space Museum, LL ?

Amelia Cat:  No, but I have some news makers.  Here is Amelia Earhart.  RBG was born two ( 2 ) years after this flight.

The Chinese are responsible.

Check this out.

Here is a space butterfly.

Artificial Intelligence is getting smarter, and the F-15 is still tough.

NASA has a success, and a leak.

Oh, no.

Is it a message ?

This is one opinion about the end.

TSE:  Do you want to explain this clip, AC ?

I have used this clip to show why some cats stayed small, and decided to work with Apes/People.  Any group that would kill a brother over a drink of muddy water should be kept close ( like the Mafia ).   Now the apes look like Democrats in Congress.  Maybe Trump will take us from the mud hole to the stars.  Old Nancy would love the sow-wallow mud hole.


This fireworks display was prepared for the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games this year in Japan. The Olympics were postponed because of the pandemic , but the fireworks could not be stored until 2021; the decision to display the Olympic fireworks was undertaken and held at the foot of the beautiful Mount Fuji.



Our Amazing Four Legged Friends


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