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We have an entertaining few weeks between now and election day.


Charles has an opinion.

Here is some clarification on the death of Breonna Taylor.

Start looking in California.

Texas political ad.


One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest Editor:  Is this a valid study, LL ?

You Talking To Me Cat:  It sure is.  It was certified by the people who approved the Boeing Computer Program, and the scientist who approved the Volkswagen Engine Test for toxic emissions.

We established that one in a million Americans are stone-cold-serial-killers.  They will kill you for fun.  They are like this guy that was one vote away from being released because of the Wuhan Flu.  Washington State is a great liberal place.

This is an old classic that our readers always rate in the top ten.  This Mickey D’s employee beat a counter jumper counterfeit passing creep to a lesson in courtesy.  Would you like a little rebar with those fries.  Only in radical-liberal-democratic-sanctuary cities is a rebar a kitchen tool.

This is a recent counter stander–she didn’t jump into the employees space.  Maybe she read an old Sphinx. At Chick-fil-A she could have gotten a free shoe shine.

OFOTCNE:  Did your exhaustive research reveal any truths, YTTMC ?

It sure did, half of Americas are drugged-out, with legal and illegal drugs.  Half are Communist Sleeper Agents ( Democrats ).  Half are just common criminals ( Antifa & BLM ) that love Democratic controlled cities.  The last half don’t know what sex they are.

TE:  That is four halves, YTTMC ?

I learned math at Harvard.