This is the funniest thing I have read this year.  California has never been a slave state.  They are also bankrupt.

Bill Clinton looks like he is in a hostage situation.  If he had a thought-balloon over his head it would say—-you have to ask why I had sex with anyone in a skirt ?  I wish Jeffrey was still alive.  I wonder if I choked her to death on camera if Cuomo would pardon me ?



The Golden State Editor:  We should have a daily edition just for California, LL.

Let’s See Cat:  Let’s see Governor Newsom sign this into law.  The Democrats want to lesson the punishment for sex-abusers of children.  For example a 19 year old sex abuser would have his/her punishment reduced if the child was 9 years old.  Children can’t consent to having sex with anyone.

These type of laws are what Pigleosi, Maxine Waters, Feinstein, Newsom, Kamala, and other liberal creeps support.  They should take what little electricity they have remaining and give them all shock-treatments.  Oh, I almost forgot, they are broke.

Don’t forget in 2018 only 4 COUNTRIES  in the world had a higher Gross Domestic Product than California.  Liberalism has killed the Golden State.

The once, best school system in America, sux, sux, sux.

The La-La people will have more over their face than lower regions.

Why doesn’t BLM care about black lives?