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This is the funniest thing I have read this year.  California has never been a slave state.  They are also bankrupt.

Bill Clinton looks like he is in a hostage situation.  If he had a thought-balloon over his head it would say—-you have to ask why I had sex with anyone in a skirt ?  I wish Jeffrey was still alive.  I wonder if I choked her to death on camera if Cuomo would pardon me ?



The Golden State Editor:  We should have a daily edition just for California, LL.

Let’s See Cat:  Let’s see Governor Newsom sign this into law.  The Democrats want to lesson the punishment for sex-abusers of children.  For example a 19 year old sex abuser would have his/her punishment reduced if the child was 9 years old.  Children can’t consent to having sex with anyone.

These type of laws are what Pigleosi, Maxine Waters, Feinstein, Newsom, Kamala, and other liberal creeps support.  They should take what little electricity they have remaining and give them all shock-treatments.  Oh, I almost forgot, they are broke.

Don’t forget in 2018 only 4 COUNTRIES  in the world had a higher Gross Domestic Product than California.  Liberalism has killed the Golden State.

The once, best school system in America, sux, sux, sux.

The La-La people will have more over their face than lower regions.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

GW190521: Unexpected Black Holes Collide
Illustration Credit: Raúl Rubio (Virgo Valencia Group, The Virgo Collaboration)

Explanation: How do black holes like this form? The two black holes that spiraled together to produce the gravitational wave event GW190521 were not only the most massive black holes ever seen by LIGO and VIRGO so far, their masses — 66 and 85 solar masses — were unprecedented and unexpected. Lower mass black holes, below about 65 solar masses are known to form in supernova explosions. Conversely, higher mass black holes, above about 135 solar masses, are thought to be created by very massive stars imploding after they use up their weight-bearing nuclear-fusion-producing elements. How such intermediate mass black holes came to exist is yet unknown, although one hypothesis holds that they result from consecutive collisions of stars and black holes in dense star clusters. Featured is an illustration of the black holes just before collision, annotated with arrows indicating their spin axes. In the illustration, the spiral waves indicate the production of gravitational radiation, while the surrounding stars highlight the possibility that the merger occurred in a star cluster. Seen last year but emanating from an epoch when the universe was only about half its present age (z ~ 0.8), black hole merger GW190521 is the farthest yet detected, to within measurement errors.

Tomorrow’s picture: stellar sisters