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I Hope You Will Watch This Video

No matter what happens to you or your children, you cannot bring a lawsuit against these companies. At least ask yourself this one logical question:

Why have they protected themselves from liability?

-Sheila Tolley-






Flight 93.


This is a video of Biden’s campaign.

The NAACP is a branch of the Demcommunist Latte Liberal Party.  George Floyd was also an incident.


Decent Editor:  Who is sexually exploiting our children, LL ?–violence-n2576034

This Week Cat:  This week  it is a continued repulsive child sexually exploitative movie from Netflix  ( where Obama, Michelle, and Susan Rice work).  The radical-left-Democrats have been trying to destroy children for years.  Today’s topic in Netflix.

A few days ago we reported on the Democrats in California passing a bill (SB 145 ) to lower punishment for child rape.  We are waiting to see if Pigleosi’s nephew Newsom ( the Governor ) will sign the bill into law.

The Democrats are worried that a child rapist will be treated unfairly.  A child under the law cannot give consent or be a willing sex partner.  They can’t sign contracts, vote, and a bunch of other things.  Here are the large owners of Netflix.

Here are some influential politicians is California  Feinstein, Kamala, Schiff, Pigleosi, Pigleosi’s nephew Newsom, Maxine Waters, and many more.

Look who is silent.