ON MY SOAPBOX….Why did the chicken cross the road?



Joe Biden:  I was not sniffing its feathers.

Nancy Pelosi: I will impeach that chicken when I catch it.

Lisa Murkowski: I will know in November.

Susan Collins: What she said.

BLM: Steal that chicken.

MSM Polls: When it comes back count the vote again.

Hillary: Even if in dumplings, the chicken should never concede.

Mayor Durkan: It is going to relish The Summer of Love.

Mark Zuckerberg: I know where it has been and where it is going.

Google: I am tracking that whole chicken family and Mark Zuckerberg.

Bill Clinton: Like Epstein, that chicken is looking for the easy way out.

Joe Biden: Did I already answer?

Michael Moore: I hate all chickens. I hate everything.

BLM: Burn that chicken.

Andrew Cuomo: It is trying to escape. Send it to the nursing home.

John Bolton: This is chicken warfare.

Hillary: What happened?

Nancy Pelosi: I will impeach it even if I don’t catch it.

TikTok:  我讨厌美国

Joe Biden: Did Babe RUTH really die?

Adam Schiff: Where are my eye drops?

Gavin Newsom: Why wasn’t that chicken in lock down?

Jerry Nadler: I can catch a fish with my mouth.

Juan Williams: Merrick Garland. Merrick Garland. Merrick Garland.

Joe Biden: When I get elected to the Waffle House…I am cooking that chicken.

Hunter Biden: Can someone tighten Dad’s mask?




Are you making The Sphinx too long, LL ?

I might be, history is happening too fast.  I have to do my duty.  Pigleosi said she would impeach Trump, again.  She is a good Demcomm.  She also admitted to being a Native American, using her arrows and quiver.  Too funny Nancy, tear up the nomination, like you did Trump’s SOTU speech—Oh, the HOR has diddly-squat to do with this nomination.  You old fool.



Here they come Nancy !!!



Here is Joe supporting Trump’s position.






Oh, look.



I know one thing, if Obama, Bill & Hill, Nancy, Schumer, and almost every newspaper in America disagrees with you—you are right.  


Joe was busy after RBG’s death.






The Democratic National Committee Editor:  What is the DNC, and who are some future Demcomm candidates, LL ?

Internet Surfing Cat:  The DNC coordinates the Demcomm candidates and strategy for national, state, and local elections.  Their main job is to extort money from businesses for the party.  My first Demcomm for future office tried to extort money from Nike.  He is such a fool that he didn’t know that their money went to the NBA and China.


The D’s aren’t giving up on him over one felony.  Their slogan for him is “Let Mikey Try It”.  His campaign song will be ” Stormy “.

Andrew Gillum will be a great Demcomm if he can stay Methamphetamine free & keep away from male prostitutes.


After rehab and accepting his bisexuality he is ready for another campaign.

Virginia has so many government officials accused of crimes and wearing KKK sheets that they could export some to other states.

After the Virginia voters and Demcomm Party accepted the Blackface & KKK sheet wearing current governor, the Lt. Governor is ready to be governor.  He is Black and has a couple of rape accusations against him, but is ready for the big stage.



This company makes their state flags.


Annie is an overlooked talent.  Amigo said he might do an article on S&M with Annie.  That would be in our Platinum Pay Edition.


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