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ON MY SOAPBOX….You pop the corn, I’ll get the coca-cola



Get ready my fellow Republicans… we are about to see some high school yearbooks from somebody. My guess, Amy Barrett or Barbara Lagoa. 

Prepare your self ahead of time for the endless chatter about that miracle called Ruth Bader Ginsgerg. How will America survive without her? I am glad her long battle with cancer was public information. If not, MSM would say President Trump killed her with Covid.

Get your ear plugs ready…you will hear the name Merrick Garland..over and over and over. He is the 2016 nominee from obama to replace Antonin Scalia’s seat. The Republican Senate would not bring his name up for a vote because they were smart. Scalia was appointed by Ronald Reagan. Get ready for the Garland Whine….you will hear it until it is replaced by your Christmas garland.

You already know to prepare yourself for the everlasting Roe vs Wade argument. The Democrats are terrified that the SCOTUS will eventually rule that abortions are illegal. That is their most effective method of keeping the black population down. Their other favorite is black on black killings.

You will also hear this until you want to throw up:

A few days before her death, RBG dictated a statement to her granddaughter Clara Spera, “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.”

But MSM will not refresh your memory on this fact:

When obama politely suggested that RBG retire at the young age of 83, so he could fill her empty SCOTUS seat…she basically told him to “take a long walk off a short dock!”

Way to go RBG!

I hope no Democrats accidentally stumble into the door of Tolley’s Topics and read this post.  They will call me insensitive, harsh, cruel, heartless, etc.

I truly am not Ruthless.

But our Supreme Court is.


Jon Voight—Do or Die

Antelope Creek Covered Bridge

WGN – 37-15-02 Antelope Creek Covered Bridge – Oregon – Built in 1922 by Lyle & Wes Hartman in Jackson County spanning Little Butte Creek near W. Main St., single span, 58 feet long, Queen Post trusses