ON MY SOAPBOX…Voo-obama-doo



I have worked many jobs in my life which meant a lot of overtime hours in some cases. They were pretty straight-forward, easily solved little crises. The company gets a larger than usual order, so they would go on overtime for a couple weeks. Problem solved.


BUT….Mercy me, & Katy Bar The Door! I simply cannot stay up with the demand on my Nancy Pelosi Voodoo dolls. I have completely exhausted the supply of Kente cloth from Ghana for the scarves. I have purchased all the little high heels that were reserved for Barbie from Mattel. Amazon’s supply of little BLM face masks is already in back-order status.


My apologies to my many customers, but I simply must place Old Nancy on the back-burner until my supplies are more accessible.


I do have some good news! The demand for my VOO-obama-Doo Doll has sky-rocketed. The Pre-production samples are looking “just as the customers have requested.”


Yes, he will be delivered with the authentic tag reading “I WAS MADE IN KENYA.” Parker Brothers has agreed to stack millions of Monopoly dollars on little pallets for me. So, when you open your VOO-obama-DOO Doll, he will be reclining on his pallets of money, with the shipping label which reads: “Destination: Iran…in the middle of the night…in unmarked planes.”


If you order in the next 30 minutes, you will receive an advance notice of the availability of the Phase ll Voo-obama-doo doll. He will be sporting a little T-shirt that reads “George Soros is my Hero.” For an additional shipping and handling charge, you will receive real miniature replicas of the Fast & Furious guns that Harry Reid and obama gave to the Mexican cartel.


But hold on…the best is yet to come…. he will have a little Joe Biden Dummy Puppet on his lap. Can you believe what I went through to make this happen? All the little Dummy says when you pull the string is…”C’mon Man”… but, I have to start somewhere.


China was VERY adamant that they would not release their “Joe Biden Puppet Rights” to anyone in America until they see just how much faith they can safely put in their Business Associate, Hunter Biden.


Meanwhile…get your mind off politics and worry about something important like:

Poor Barbie is forced to wear mismatched flip flops with her mini skirts and formal gowns because I have bought all the little high heels for my Old Nancy Voodoo dolls.


Voodoo Doll With Needles Isolated On White Background. Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 98756680.


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