ON MY SOAPBOX…Bastogne, Belgium



I love Lois Lion, she teaches me new things every day.

The title of today’s edition of The Sphinx is: SCHADENFREUDE.

Lois Lion goes on to explain that the German word, in English, would mean, finding joy or glee in the suffering of others. This is schadenfreude used in a sentence.

Jeremy had a feeling of schadenfreude when his ex-wife’s second marriage failed.

This is how to pronounce the German word: shaa·duhn·froy·duh. Four syllables.

Its’ equivalent in English, either Joy or Glee, are both only one syllable.

I do believe if the Evil Devil, Hitler, had learned English…he may have fared a little better in this battle.

By the time he could say “Sie dürfen die Stadt Bastogne auf keinen Fall umgeben.”

(Or..”Don’t surround Bastogne”)

It was too late. Along came…General George S. Patton.

“They’ve got us surrounded—the poor bastards!” became a chant among the G.I.s. in Bastogne.

Yep, the Evil Devil should have learned English.

The rest is history.


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