5 thoughts on “Good Ones

  1. These are all good and spot-on.
    So how do we reverse this?
    I doubt if you can reverse this because our “educational system” has been teaching LIBERALISM for many decades and those people are now taking charge.

  2. Liberalism has been in our schools since just after WWII. It slowly crept in and now has pretty much taken over the minds of our youth. They are being taught that our government is evil and the Russians and Chinese are our friends. They are being taught to tell their teachers what is being said and done at home and who is saying and doing it.

    They are also being taught sex and how to do what should be done by adults only and that it is OK for them to participate in the acts of sex with their class mates and this starts in the 3rd grade.

    So the parents have no control over what is being taught to their children, they can not even force the people doing this out of office.

    Welcome to the socialist states of America

  3. Hello from the UK

    They put a fence around the capitol to keep Joe Biden from wandering as he gets a bit forgetful these days. He might get out and say something stupid.

    But then he still says stupid things when they do eventually let him out from time to time, so I’m not sure there is a lot of point in a fence.

    Kind regards
    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

    • Oh yeah…by this point, his 5 month anniversary in a stolen election, he forgets more than he remembers. Seriously, as you noticed, now he cannot remember where he put his note cards that obama wrote for him. All presidents have a First….he was our first to fall UP the stairs of Air Force One and the first to be immediately shuffled off the stage when he does attempt a press conference for fear that he may try to finish another sentence.

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