ON MY QUOTEBOX…Strange & Hypocritical

I find it quite STRANGE & HYPOCRITICAL that:

The Democrat/Socialist/Communist/RINOS get their Panties, Tighty Whities,  Boxers & Depends in a wad because  hunters post pictures of their legally owned  AR-15 and hunting trophies on Social Media, but….

….they celebrated by selling tee shirts and hats when:

Madonna said in her speech that “she had thoughts of BLOWING UP THE WHITE HOUSE” and Kathy Griffin paraded around carrying a replica of a “severed head of Donald Trump.”

You would think they would have thrown  a couple of RED FLAGS at these two, huh?

These Democrat/Socialist/Communist/RINOS are Freaks and should be sideshows in a circus tent.

-Sheila Tolley-


pic of two red flags

One thought on “ON MY QUOTEBOX…Strange & Hypocritical

  1. You are so right my dear just don’t understand these freaks but I think and hope public are getting a little wiser

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