Trust me on this…

…The statement by BHO at the closing of this post was NOT a Freudian Slip. The truth is….the time has come for their “cat to get out of their Bag…of Tricks.”

Right, Barack, you do not give senile old dudes like Joe serious responsibilities.  (Well you actually do, but for a specified amount of time with a pre-planned agenda.) In other words, you put your old puppet on short strings with note cards of instructions followed by extended vacations.

As Old Joe was abiding by hiding in Fauci’s Covid basement, you & the Swamp Monsters stole the presidency for him. The only thing you Geniuses didn’t realize is that some of the elite Swamp Monsters in your gang were also in the choir.

It did not take Mark Zuckerberg long to get through the first verse and the chorus. He sang like a canary eating Sensimilla Buds. Oh yeah, he admitted to shielding (censoring) Hunter’s illegal laptop escapades from the voting public and financing the drop boxes in strategic Blue voting zones. The drop boxes were necessary to accommodate the crooked vote harvesting portion of your Election Theft.

Yes indeed, Barack….Old Joe is part of your family. Your CRIME FAMILY.

Lucifer is probably having to double the size of Hell to make room for all you sneaky, lying, thieving, fraudulent MISCREANTS!
-Sheila Tolley-

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