Bird’s Eye View



I am watching with great interest the narrative coming from Lisa Page and her left-wing journalist one week before the IG report. I understand that all those implicated in the IG report were given an opportunity to read the sections of the report where they were mentioned. So I am guessing that Lisa Page has read her sections and is not feeling good about the information. Thus the effort to spin her own narrative before the dirt starts to fly. In my opinion she dug her own grave when she started her affair with Strzok. Now she sees herself as a victim rather than a criminal. I think Bull Durham will be able to sort out the facts and I still believe she will be one of the first to get indicted by Durham. In recent releases of text messages we know that Strzok’s wife somehow was able to access his secure phone and she found out about the secret relationship. She then confronted Lisa Page about the affair but nobody knows how that turned out except for the players involved. Page has 2 children. I wonder how that conversation went when her husband found out about the affair. And I am also surprised that both Strzok and Page are still married – at least publicly.

There are a number of related questions I would like to have answered. Have these bad actors been barred from ever being federal workers again? Were their security clearances revoked when they left government? Are they still receiving any type of federal payments, and if so, what? Have the lawyers such as Page had their licenses pulled? Is the federal government paying any of their legal fees? Did she or anyone else receive any financial benefits from the Clinton campaign, the DNC, the Clinton Foundation, or any Democrat-leaning organization or PAC? Did she, or anyone she knows, willingly leak classified information to the media or a representative of any news organization?

I think Durham is going to tighten the screws on Page so much that she will have no choice but to agree to testify against the other characters in hopes of getting minimal jail time. Same for Nellie Ohr. Next Monday we will find out what the IG uncovered and who he implicates. I suspect that most of the backup data for his report has already been turned over to Bull Durham and he is deep in the weeds right now. I also think that Durham will soon start issuing indictments because he does not want to interfere with the 2020 elections. Horowitz may not directly outline criminal charges for people like Comey, Clapper, and Brennan but will refer the matter to Durham for final determination. The fact that Bull Durham has already turned his work into a criminal investigation indicates that he currently has enough evidence to present to a grand jury. All of this taking place while the Dems are trying to get the public on board with their sham impeachment inquiry. I think the public will be much more interested in who gets arrested and charged with crimes. Have you purchased extra popcorn?


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